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How is an Activity's Progress Determined? Does Delay Analyzer use Activity Percent Complete?

Delay Analyzer does not use Activity % Complete for any of its calculations since that value does not directly affect the calculation of schedule dates; instead, we use Remaining Duration (RD).

For every activity, we compare the RD from the first schedule to the RD from the second schedule:

  1. If the RD did not change, the activity had no progress and no RD revision.
  2. If the RD increased, that is interpreted entirely as an RD revision.
  3. If the RD decreased, we calculate how many working days (wd) during the period the activity was in progress. Yes, this calculation depends on the actual start date and data date but also on the activity calendar.
    • If the amount that the RD decreased is less than or equal to the number of in-progress working days, then all of the RD decrease is considered normal progress.
    • If the amount that the RD decreased is greater than the number of in-progress working days, then the amount of in-progress time is considered progress, and the remainder of the RD decrease will be considered a revision. For example, if an activity's RD decreases from 10 wd to 2 wd (a difference of 8 wd) and spends 5 wd in progress, it will get 5 wd of progress and a 3 wd RD revision.
Jan 17, 2024

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