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How do I analyze a portion of my schedule?

Sometimes you might want to examine only a part of your schedule. Analyzer will allow you to do this by applying a Global Pre-Filter to a report. A Global Pre-Filter is a condition, or multiple conditions, that you define and save. The filter can then be used to select tasks for analysis.

To create a Global Pre-Filter:

  • From the Configure menu, select Filter Builder.
  • Click the New button on the Filter Builder menu.
  • Enter a name in the Filter Name text input field.
  • Define your conditions using the Filter Parameters inputs. You can select field names (second drop-down list), select operators (third drop-down list), and enter values (last text box).
  • Click the Add button to add your condition to the lower pane in the Filter Builder window.
  • To add more than one condition, select And or Or from the first drop-down list and define the additional condition. Remember to click Add to add the condition to the lower pane.
  • Click the OK button to save the filter.
  • The saved filter can be used as a "SPA Filter" in the steps outlined below.

To use a Global Pre-Filter:

  • Click on the Project you want to filter in the Projects list on the left frame.
  • Click the Configure... link to view the Global Pre-Filter menu.
  • Check the Apply Global Pre-Filter checkbox.
  • Select the Use Project Filter radio button to use a filter that already exists in the Project file, or select the SPA Filter radio button to use a Global Pre-Filter you have created and saved in Analyzer (see above steps).
  • Select the filter name from the appropriate drop-down list and click OK.
  • When you run Steelray Project Analyzer on the project, only tasks meeting the conditions in the applied filter will be analyzed.

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