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How do I customize a report template?

Steelray Project Analyzer ships with templates that allow you to customize output in various Microsoft Office products. You can use these templates to add your company logo and other formatting to output for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML. The templates can be found in the Templates folder off of the main installation folder (C:\Program Files\Steelray Software\Steelray Project Analyzer is the default location). Templates have been created for the Simple List, Matrix, and Comparison reports.

To create a custom template,

  • Copy the Steelray template version to a directory where you can make modifications, such as your user Documents directory.
  • Open the template and make changes - you can insert your company logo or change column headings.
  • You can also use special tags to insert report values. Special tags for templates are enclosed in braces { } and include the following:
    • {Name} - The actual name of the criteria component.
    • {Count} - The number of tasks that matched during analysis.
    • {Description} - The user defined description for this criteria component.
    • {Thresdhold1} - The left side, or lower end of the scoring threshold.
    • {Threshold2} - The right side, or higher end of the scoring threshold.
    • {GradeType} - The grading type - HigherIsBetter, LowerIsBetter, Ideal, NoGrade, Boolean
    • {Score} - The final score for this criteria.
  • Save the modified template.

To utilize a custom template,

  • On the Output to tab for a report with an applicable template, select the output for which you have created the custom template (Excel, HTML/Web, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word).
  • Click the Settings link.
  • On the Output Settings popup, select the Browse button and navigate to the custom template you have created.
  • Select an output folder where the template and data will be merged to form the final output.

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