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Multi Factor Authentication and Project Online Schedules

If you see an error when connecting from Analyzer to Project Online, it could be that your server is configured with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). One possible error message for this scenario is:

The partner returned a bad sign-in name or password error. For more information, see federation error-handling scenarios.

It is possible to get around the MFA from Analyzer (or other applications). The workaround is to create an "app password" that you can use without Multi-Factor Authentication. To do this,

  1. Sign in to your MS account and click on your Profile link.
  2. Click the Additional Security Verification link.
  3. Click the App Passwords link at the top of the page.
  4. Click Create to create and copy an app password.
  5. Use the password from step 4 above in Steelray Project Analyzer to configure your connection.

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